CBD Hemp Oil for Pain Relief – What is the best and how does it work?


Living with pain is horrible. People tend to value their health only when is lost or close to so. The source of the pain can be numerous but solutions many of them seem to found from CBD Oil. Getting the pain away, the nightmare to stop and living ”normal” life and a pleasant day could sound a gods gift to someone who has suffered pain long enough.

Practically you can’t even eat the painkillers daily without some side effect to your digestion or other body parts like liver and kidneys. Gladly CBD you may use daily and help your chronic pain, arthritis or muscle spasms.

CBD oil and CBD products have increased their popularity in pain relief lately as the knowledge has spread and also the legislation has supported that. More and more doctors are giving green on CBD treatment instead of heavy medication. Also if you are not familiar, CBD major difference and benefit also has something to do with its legality compares to cannabis in general, is that unlike THC products get you a high, CBD products lack that. So CBD is not considered as psychoactive substance but only a natural product.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is nowadays globally accepted pain reliever and numerous studies support its extremely positive impact on pain management. It is not classified as a medical treatment by U.S FDA (Food and Drug Administration). That means that CBD cannot be used to ”cure” any disease but to help a lot of symptoms of various diseases and also some evidence is the potential to prevent some cancers cell production etc. Thus the numerous benefits and attention CBD has gained, it’s not a medicine. Remember that when purchasing the all might CBD.

Just to give an example, Charlotte’s Web, at the moment praised as one of the worlds best CBD Oil manufacturers, has been featured numerous times in the media on sites such as CNN, The Wall Street Journal and in health-related magazines such as Men’s Health. That is proof of attention and interest that people have towards CBD products and brands. But let’s go back to pain, that is why came here in the first place.

Do you need CBD for Pain?

Well, there is no official test if YOU need CBD for your pain, it may be depended on what causes your pain, and while it’s not FDA approved medicine your doctor can’t prescribe it either. On the other hand, we can make a simple test if you feel you need it and the if it seems so, you can order it straight to your home from numerous webshops without any doctoral appointment or prescription.

Our test is really simple:

  1. Are you in pain? Yes or No.
  2. If you are, is your current medications working for you?

If your current medication is not working or you would try some extra help with that pain relief, our warmest recommendation is to try CBD open-mindedly and test for yourself. No one else can know it on behalf of you, and even you cannot know for sure without trying.

The attention CBD has gained recently cannot be from thin air. Moreover, people suffering from chronic pain, well you are not alone there either. Hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions already have tested CBD oil for pain relief and obviously, they have had some success with it.

According to a study, people with side effect-inducing meds were able to switch to 100% natural based therapy with a rate of 46% of the participants. It is around every participant who found help on their pain and got fewer side effects from natural treatment than from actual medical treatment. So, what do you have to lose if you try?

Medical research and CBD

There are numerous studies that support CBD product benefits in pain relief, preventing treatment and other health benefits. Sometimes our traditional medicine has not found an effective way to heal and treat some symptoms and when we look closely, the real help comes from natural products.

There is over 20,000 published scientific studies and cannabinoids and their related effects on all sort of medical ailments. One of those is the Cajal Institute when they showed promising results on CBD and multiple sclerosis. They used animal test and cell cultures to find out that CBD reversed inflammatory responses and only in ten days mice had superior motor skills and they showed a significant progression on recovery.

Numerous clinical studies and high profile researches have been carried out in universities and laboratories about generalized pain. These studies support ”cannabinoid analgesics (pain relievers) have generally been well tolerated in clinical trials with strong enough effect that it may have practical use in pain relief.

Moreover, a study made with older patients who suffered pain also suggests that CBD is an effective pain reliever with very few negative side effects. Those patients were able to reduce a significant amount of opiate usage while medical cannabis was used instead.

Why CBD is used Instead of Traditional Medicine as a Pain Reliever

It’s not news for people suffering from chronic pain that traditional pain killers cause all kind of unwanted and even dangerous side effects varying from the overwhelming array of irritability, sleep disruption, digestive complications and potentially increased risk of suicidal thought or actions.

In fact, a major reason for people changing to CBD based products is an attempt to switch the medication to all-natural therapy and end the prescribed harmful medicines. The ultimate reason and popularity behind CBD are its minimal negative side effects, but yet effective pain relief potential.

Even well known and respected entities such as WHO (World Health Organization) has announced that CBD is not associated with any significant adverse public health effects. According to WHO CBD is not associated with abuse potential or induce any physical dependence and has a good safety profile.

So out of pure curiosity, what are those minimal side-effects of CBD?

To be honest, side-effects listed for CBD oil are somewhat ridiculous compared to the side effect for actual pain killers. When you dig deeper to these studies these potential negative side effects are for example ”dry mouth”, which can be tackled with a simple act of drinking a cup of water before and after taking CBD oil.

Other side effects have been listed to be low blood pressure, lightheadedness, and drowsiness which may occur after using CBD for massive 1500mg daily for 4 weeks period or more. That exceeds the typical amount used for chronic pain relief which is between 10-40mg in a day.

Well. we are not doctors or physicians and this is not medical advice to use CBD for pain, but taking into account those potential side effect and compared to the benefits and other side effects of pharmaceuticals, they seem minuscule to us. Thus we still recommend to consult with your doctor before using any substances to relief pain, CBD is considered to be one of the safest. Watch your dry mouth!

How to Use CBD Oil for Pain?

There is no one right or wrong advice on how to use CBD for pain. Majority of people tend to use stronger BCD products for pain that they would use for anxiety, stress or depression. Physical pain tends to be more intense in that sense and seems so that people are using a higher dosage of this natural remedy for pain.

Typically people choose tinctures around 300mg from the range of 100-600mg options and adjust the amount bit less or a bit more depending on how they feel the effect. Our recommendation is to start with less and then add a bit until the point where the pain is relieved for a manageable level. Sure it depends also on the cause of the pain how this will work for you.

Always consult with the brand you are purchasing and see their recommendations for each product. We are all different, so are the causes of our individual pain and pain relief. So, make sure you start with a reasonable amount but not too much. Effective treatment is easier to find when you add incrementally the dosage instead of starting with the maximum dosage of 600mg per day. Then you’ll never know how much would have been enough, you waste your CBD for no reason and build potential tolerance for active CBD much faster.

Start with less per day and adjust more if needed. When you find a dosage to relieve your pain, reduce just a little a bit until you find the exact amount how much your individual condition needs CBD daily to be taken care of.

Be advised, though, that you should not exceed the recommended daily doses that are listed on the bottle and you should consult with a physician.

What are The Options if You Can’t Use CBD Oil for Pain?

Like always, not one thing suits all so is the case with CBD. For some reason or another, yet some people may not like the oil under their tongue or it does not help with your particular pain, there is other CBD product that is digestible. For example topical CBD creams.

The Topicals creams area good for local pain and inflammation and has an effect directly on the pain point through the skin. Another great option is CBD edibles and CBD gummies for example. They tend to taste a lot better than pure CBD Oil. That should help to choose something more likable for you. Lastly, vaping CBD oil through inhaling is an effective way of using CBD for pain relief.

We hope this CBD for pain relief article has given you some useful information on your way to relief your chronic or temporary pain. Remember to see our recommended brand and find your best CBD supplier.

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