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Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Brand and Product Reviews + Discount Code

Charlotte’s Web can be considered as one of the CBD Hemp Oil movement pioneers and nowadays one of the most popular ones in the CBD Oil industry. Their online shop and retail store and grocery store distribution web across the US has led them to be a widely known brand.

Even if Charlotte’s Web CBD products are one the most accessible to consumers lying in “every corner” they are not so recognizable to some of the CBD users or the average consumer. Whether it is the labeling or something else, we at CBD Oil Assistant have heard feedback that their labels could use some help to clarify whats in and to who each product might be the best choice. That is why we made this article to clarify Charlotte’s Web product labeling and suitability to you.

Which Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil is Perfect for You?

As of February 2019, Charlotte’s Web product line consists of 4 full spectrum oils, 1 CBD isolate oil, 1 pet oil, 2 different CBD capsules, and 3 CBD topicals. Moreover, the Original Strength oil uses the original IPA extraction process but all of their other products are now CO2 extracted ensuring the best quality overall.

Even if all Charlotte’s Web products use the same source Hemp, you may notice differences between the Original Strength made with IPA and the rest of the line (Full, Extra, and Maximum Strength) due to a different, CO2 extraction process. The Product lines The Full, Extra and Maximum Strength can generally be thought of as the exact same products, just with an increasing concentration of CBD Oil extract infused in them.

As their product line consists of a variety of different strengths there is pros and cons when buying stronger or milder CBD products. When you buy stronger concentrates you typically get more CBD milligrams per each dollar and use also need to use less CBD Oil to get the same dose. On the other hand, it may be harder to use for low doses as it is so strong in the beginning.

For example, consuming 2.5 milliliters of the Full Strength to get 16.6 milligrams of CBD is the same effect and amount when consuming only 1 milliliter of the Extra Strength to get 16.6 milligrams of CBD and same results.

Does Charlotte’s Web Products Contain CBD?

Sometimes there are brands that mix regular Hemp Oil and Hemp Seed Oil (typical CBD Oil source) and they might sell it due to misleading marketing. Charlotte’s Web way of saying it is that their products are described and labeled as “hemp oils” with “hemp extract” in them. Well, that might lead some consumers in a feeling that they are not quite sure what they are getting and whether it is a proper CBD Oil product or just normal Hemp Oil, without CBD benefits in it.

We wanted to clarify things for you, Charlotte’s Web products indeed contain CBD!

CBD Content of Charlotte’s Web Products

Sometimes, the term “hemp extract” in the ingredients list is left without further explanation and used as a direct replacement for CBD extract. To give you an example, a product may have 300mg of “hemp extract” in it, when they’re really meaning 300mg of CBD. That can also lead misunderstandings to one way or the other. Gladly, the results and concentrations can be verified by contacting the company and checking lab tests.

Going deeper into the investigations, in Charlotte’s Web case, the “hemp extract” represents NOT a direct replacement for CBD. In their case instead, “hemp extract” can be thought of as the total cannabinoid content, with CBD being a part of it. To find out the actual CBD content of their hemp seed oil products, you have to either contact their customer service team or check their lab test results online. We have saved you from the effort and listed key concentrations here. Following list provides the approximate CBD contents:

Charlotte’s Web Full Spectrum CBD Oils:

Full Strength: 10mg hemp extract per ml = 6.66mg CBD per ml
Extra Strength: 25mg hemp extract per ml = 16.66mg CBD per ml
Original Formula: 86mg hemp extract per ml = 50mg CBD per ml
Maximum Strength: 120mg hemp extract per ml = 60mg CBD per ml (Retail Only)

Charlotte’s Web Isolate (0% THC) CBD Oil

CBD Isolate: 20mg CBD per ml

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil for Pets

Charlotte’s Web Paws: 25mg hemp extract per ml= 16.66mg CBD per ml

Charlotte’s Web Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

Full Strength Capsules: 15mg hemp extract per capsule = 8.5mg CBD per capsule
Extra Strength Capsules: 35mg hemp extract per capsule = 19mg CBD per capsule

Charlotte’s Web Full Spectrum CBD Topicals

Hemp Infused Cream: 700mg hemp extract per container = 400mg CBD per container
Hemp Infused Balm 0.5oz: 150mg hemp extract per container = 98mg CBD per container
Hemp Infused Balm 1.5oz: 450mg hemp extract per container = 300mg CBD per container

Hope that list makes it easier for you to get the information about Charlotte’s Web products actual CBD concentrations and choosing the right product for you. To add on, we at CBD Oil Assistant highly recommend checking out our CBD price comparison charts and CBD price calculator. Just to give you heads up, at the moment of writing this, Charlotte’s Web most cost-effective or value for money product is their 100ml Original Strength Hemp Oil at $0.055 per milligram of CBD.

Best Regards CBD Oil Assistant Team

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