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Joy Organics CBD Oil Brand and Product Review + Discount Code

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Have you been looking for a great CBD oil brand from a local family-owned business with exceptionally high standards? If you have or this sounds interesting, continue reading!

Joy Smith is an exceptional woman and also a wife, mom, grandmother and a founder of Joy’s Organics CBD hemp oil brand. Having the bad luck of chronic pain and trouble with sleeping, Smith was inspired to start her own CBD company. After she had tried multiple CBD Oil brands on the market and only of those actually helped her with her symptoms, she decided to start her own business to help others out.

Joy Organics CBD oil is meant to be the purest, organic and bioavailable full spectrum cannabinoid products on the market, all that at everyman’s affordable price ticket. That is one great mission and promise but let’s find out if more than half of that is actually true.

What is Joy Organics Pharmaceutical Grade?

Joy Organic’s CBD products are labeled as pharmaceutical grade. That grade is only achieved if the production is following the strictest guidelines and quality control measures, similarly as pharmacies do. These measures include seven steps of controlling within the process of the highest quality and purest CBD extracts.

These Controlled Steps Increase the Quality of The End Product and at Last YOUR Health!

Step 1: Organic farming. Joy Organics as the name suggests, use proprietarily grown organic hemp from nutrient-rich soils of Colorado.

Step 2 and 3: Processing and Extracting. Through food grade ethanol extracting process also proprietary to Joy Organics, the CBD is extracted sustaining the maximum amount of cannabinoids and terpenes giving it the nature of true full spectrum CBD oil. They are actually stating that each drop of their phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil contains a total of 112 cannabinoids including a variety of terpenes and flavonoids. That is one statement of the high-quality process towards high-quality products.

Step 4 and 5: Distillation, that means THC removal and refining leaving it only the cannabinoids wanted in the products. The oil is then processed to remove the ethanol, THC, wax, chlorophyll, and plant pigments creating a polished and pure full-spectrum CBD oil. Because Joy Organics products are non-THC, they ship across all US and over the state lines and also to most countries around the world. So yes, international shipping is possible for our European or other readers.

Step 6 and 7: Lab testing and nanoemulsion. The oil then undergoes rigorous in house testing for potency and purity. Joy Organics apply for a third party lab review the results monthly from their products to ensure quality and pureness of products and accuracy of product information given. Making some of their products to be most bioavailable in the market, the CBD oil needs to be broken in to even smaller bits by special nanoemulsion process. That makes it even easier for ingesting or digesting and therefore giving better user experience and health effects.

Joy Organics Signature Tinctures Summarized for you:

Joy’s Organics classic tinctures come in one-ounce bottles with 250, 500, 1,000, or 1,500 mg of CBD in each. So variety from mild to strong is there for you, just pick the one that suits you best. All sizes come in four flavors to choose from — Natural, Orange, Lemon, and Tranquil mint. Depending on which flavor you choose, this phytocannabinoid rich tincture is made with Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) and/or Hemp Seed Oil and/or Grape Seed Oil, Orange Oil or Lemon Oil or Peppermint Oil. Our experience is that the tranquil mint tastes great to us, but so does everything else!

Joy Organics Soft Gels, what is the deal with them?

If you are not a fan of CBD tinctures, Joy Organics offers wonderful experience with their CBD soft gels that come in a conveniently small bottle so it can easily be taken on the go. Joy’s soft gels are non-GMO and each soft gel contains just enough, 10 mg of CBD. The soft gels themselves are small, just like a vitamin supplement or a kids candy size, easy to swallow and ingest into your routine.

For Your Better Sleep, CBD Sofgels with Melatonin!

You might already be familiar to use CBD products for getting sleep but Joy Organics takes this to another level. They have added Melatonin to some of their CBD soft gels to help people to sleep even better. Sure the price is a bit more with melatonin than without but so it does cost you to buy it separately also. Now it comes all in one handy soft gel. We at CBD Oil Assistant see that it is worth the shot for those who use melatonin anyway and for those who don’t. Just give it a try.

Are you familiar with turmeric plant? The turmeric plant is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits mainly because of its main ingredient curcumin. Surprise surprise, Joy Organics also makes CBD soft gels with curcumin. Both of their products, CBD with melatonin and CBD with curcumin are sold in one size — 25 mg dosage of CBD per soft gel. These really give you a new twist on your CBD usage and both are strong enough for actually helping with pain relief and sleeping. Once again Joy Organics are doing something different and we recommend to give them a try.

Clear and Easy To Understand Lab Results

Like we told earlier in this article, Joy Organics own lab tests their products in-house during the manufacturing process. They check the products for purity and potency and even for terpenes. These results then are posted online for everybody to see. Just that you would not have to rely completely on self-made testing they use once a month third party test for credibility. Still, giving all the info by themselves strengthens the trust and transparency towards their products and brand in general. We think it is a nice gesture for the CBD community and their potential customers.

Joy Organics CBD Oil Lab Results
Joy Organics Lab Results Look Good

CBD Body Lotions/ Body Salve Products, They Come In 3 Different Strengths

Joy Organics produces 3 different strength of pharmaceutical grade salve. These body salves can be bought in 3 potencies from 500, 1,000, and 2,000 mg CBD. Typically one CBD brand has only one salve but Joy Organics offers in three options which we see is a good thing in general. The salve is made with beeswax, medium chain triglycerides, lavender essential oil, and eucalyptus essential oil. These salves are simple, effective, and they smell very nice and calming. The smell is not overwhelming as some brands make it.

Joy Organics is also developing a full spectrum vape pen!

How about the pets? Any CBD products for them?

In today’s CBD markets it really seems like every CBD company is making some CBD pet products. Well, guess what, Joy Organics is no exception. Joy Organics makes CBD treats for dogs with 2 mg of CBD per treat and also a CBD tincture for pets that goes for both your cat and your dog. So, if you have pets, don’t forget to grab some of those while you making the order for yourself!

Money Back Guarantees for 30-days!

Joy Organics offers a full 30-day returns policy and money back satisfaction guarantee. They even state on their website, “if you are not achieving your desired results, feel free to use the entire bottle before asking for a return.” Well, we find that generous and fair deal if you are a new customer and cannot be quite sure what you getting. Therefore, they make it safe for you to order any CBD product to your house, test it and then decide whether it was a good or bad deal.

So what is Joy Organics all about and worth?

Like we told you before, Joy Organics is one of the few brands that implement full quality control from the very beginning, using their proprietarily Colorado-grown organic hemp and processing their products in Colorado facilities. Not only do they start with clean, local hemp, but the lab tests of their products for purity and potency and even conducts a terpene analysis is more than a welcome gesture in the industry. Joy Organics posts these results online for everyone to view in an easy to read format. Moreover, they have a third party lab audit once a month to ensure the quality of the products and lab results accuracy.

Joy Organics Review Summary:
We can easily say that their processes and end products are one of the finest in CBD markets and double checking all in labs just makes it easy for you to choose your favorite products. Joy Organics is easy to lift up in our Recommended list of CBD Brands. Enjoy whatever you choose to try from their selections and let us know in comments how did you like!

Where else can I find Joy’s Organics products?
Joy’s Organics has a flagship store in Fort Collins, Colorado and has also opened a store in Austin, Texas. Easiest for you probably go to their site and order it straight to your house.

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